The Problem.

There are two main reasons why people aren’t buying solar solutions

Poor Quality

Most systems break down after a few months or years of usage due to low quality components, poor system design and lack of provisions for maintenance support.

High Cost

Upfront costs of solar installations are too high and cannot be borne by most people residing in rural areas.

The Solution.

High Quality Product

We think Long-term when selecting equipment.

Intelligent Monitoring

From pre-emptive maintenance, to better understanding our customers appliance usage we can also predict defaults.

Long-term Maintenance

If something stops working, our on-ground support team will ensure its gets fixed.

Pay As You Go

We offer long-term financing, so customers can pay in affordable installments, eventually owning the product.

Mobile Money

Integrated with telecom providers so that mobile wallets can be used for accurate, secure and on-time payments of loans.

Data driven credit scoring

Using consumer data we evaluate loan applicants via a quantitive credit scoring model to carefully select our customers.

Last mile distribution

Delivered to the customer's doorstop.

Rural distribution of solar solutions is one of the biggest challenges to serving off-grid markets. We have set up offices in major districts of Pakistan and our field officers are very familiar with the market they are serving. We don't outsource our supply chain; we build it from the ground up. This allows us to deliver anything on demand, to even the most remotest parts of the country.

Our field officers visit each customer's home, install the system and train the family members. Our customer support is live 24x7 to record any system complaints and forwards the query to the ground staff for immediate maintenance support.

Access to Finance

Easy Financing Installment Plans.

We are committed to offering people with their own source of energy generation at a price within their everyday budget. We want to empower our customers to pay for the system over time and choose the installment plan that they are most comfortable with. By collecting these payments via mobile banking, our customers enjoy both control and convenience.