77 Out of 100 people in pakistan
lack access to reliable electricity

$2.3 Billion is spent annually
on off-grid lighting products in pakistan.

Decentralized Solar Through Easy Installments.

Solar energy is leapfrogging the electric grid, reaching places that have never seen connectivity. But the solar energy sector in Pakistan has been unable to deliver affordable and reliable solutions to people residing in rural settings.

Switch Life ON.

Pay As You Go

We offer long-term financing, so customers can pay in affordable installments, eventually owning the product.

Mobile Money

Integrated with telecom providers so that mobile wallets can be used for accurate, secure and on-time payments of loans.

Data driven credit scoring

Using consumer data we evaluate loan applicants via a quantitive credit scoring model to carefully select our customers.

Our mission is to amplify access to electricity
by providing smart and affordable
energy solutions for those who need it most.

Everyone should have access to electricity.

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