Target: To electrify 1 million people by 2020

10.3 million

Households in Pakistan are currently off the grid

11.22 million

Households experience over 12 Hours of load-shedding a day

Our Impact.

We will help bring electricity to homes allowing kids to study, allowing families to supplement their income and access the products of a modern society at a low cost. 

With the switch to solar, it is expected that kerosene usage for the household will go to zero. This switch will have the multiplier effect of dramatically increasing household ‘health standards’ and improving lifestyle in general.

Increase in Study Time

Often there aren’t enough daylight hours to allow children the study time necessary to succeed. As a result, children keep repeating the same grade in school, eventually dropping out.

With solar powered electricity, children can easily study in the evenings after they are back from school and have finished helping their family with their household chores.

Household Safety

Kerosene lanterns and wax candles are the most common source of alternate lighting in off-grid areas. Kerosene lanterns routinely tip over, causing catastrophic nighttime house fires.  

With solar powered electricity, the kerosene lamp can stay off forever, finally extinguishing its ever-present danger so that families can live safer lives.

Better Standard of Living

In rural off-grid households, families generally sleep outside in open air during night time. During summer months, mosquitoes prevent children from sleeping during the night. Houseflies are also very common during the day.

With solar powered electricity, families can switch on the fan during the day and night, keeping mosquitoes and house flies away.

Increase in Household Income

When the sun goes down, individuals residing in off-grid locations are forced to end their workday or resort to expensive kerosene for light.

With solar powered electricity, households can get access to more productive hours to carry out their work and supplement their monthly income.